Reseda Computer Repair. MY fave Tech Helping Reseda Residents since 2004

Have MY fave tech take care of your computer. You get your free estimate at the spot and many computer issues can be resolved while you wait.

@ MY fave tech, we support most operating systems. Did you go to your electronic store and they didn't take your windows XP for repairs? At MY fave tech, we still support Windows XP. And if you are having problems with the new Microsoft operating system "Windows 10" we'll gladly answer all your questions thru the phone or you can stop by our computer shop any time.

CALL 818 626 0440 To Get Free Estimate

Most computer repair estimates are performed at the spot. Depending on the complexity of the computer issue, we might require the computer to stay over night. Most repairs don't require parts.

We Support Most Computer Brands And Models

  • Laptop motherboard repair
  • Blue screen issue
  • computer overheating
  • Video issues
  • Broken laptop parts
  • Noisy fans
  • Missing parts
  • Removal of viruses
  • Help with password removal
  • Repair of your Windows operating system
  • The transfer of your data to another device
  • Recovery of your data
  • We have laptop chargers and batteries

Computer EmergencyFor all your computer emergencies, there is a tech in Reseda working 7 days a week for your convenience. Get computer repair service when and where you need it!

Computer-helpSimple computer fixes are done free at the shop. Many times simple things like disabling unnecessary programs, a driver reinstall or a browser reset can make the computer to malfunction. If we can resolve any computer issue at in matter of minutes, there is not charge!

Computer issuesDo you have a quick question about a computer issue? MY fave tech can clear out any concern about any computer issue and we might be able to save you lots of money on a major repair.

"Computer Repair Reseda" in the google search might have brought you to this site. MY fave tech is your best choice. Save time and money in computer repair in Reseda!